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Seattle Asbestos Testing Lab Receives TEM NVLAP Accreditation

EMSL Analytical gains bulk and airborne asbestos fiber analysis accreditation from NVLAP.

Seattle, WA, June 24th, 2016   EMSL Analytical, Inc. is proud to announce that its Seattle laboratory has been accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) for bulk and airborne asbestos fiber analysis (NVLAP lab code 200613-0).Through the NVLAP program, laboratories are accredited in accordance with International Standard ISO/IEC 17025. According to NVLAP, the accreditation demonstrates technical competence for a defined scope and the operation of a laboratory.......[Read More] [All News]

PCBs Lurking in the Yards of Some New York Homes

EMSL Analytical provides sampling supplies and testing services to identify polychlorinated biphenyls at homes, schools and commercial buildings.

Buffalo, NY, June 24th, 2016 Recently, there have been media reports of the discovery of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the soil at 19 homes in Salina, New York. The contaminated soil samples were collected from the backyards of homes that reside along Ley Creek.According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Lower Ley Creek area is located in an industrialized area in the town. Since the late 19th century, several industries have been operating near Ley Creek and its branches. As part of these operations,.......[Read More] [All News]

Indoor Water Leaks Invite Termites and Mold Growth Resulting in Costly Damage and IEQ Concerns

EMSL Analytical provides testing services and sampling supplies to identify mold contamination to protect families and building occupants from exposure risks.

Cinnaminson, NJ, June 22nd, 2016 While some types of water damage, like a natural flood, leave behind obvious signs of damage, a small water leak in a wall cavity or crawl space may go unnoticed for months or more. Even a pinhole leak in a water supply line can cause expensive repairs as it ruins building materials and may even result in structural damage.The presence of moisture from a water leak can also result in mold contamination and a termite infestation. A wet environment is ideal for certain types of termites that are.......[Read More] [All News]

Water Test Results Show Many Illinois Residents Could be Exposed to Elevated Lead Levels

EMSL Analytical offers testing services and consumer test kits to identify lead and other contaminants in drinking water.

Chicago, IL, June 21st, 2016 In May, the Chicago Tribune published an article about the safety of tap water in people’s homes across Illinois due to concerns over elevated levels of lead. According the article, an analysis of state data showed that some 700,000 residents served by approximately 170 public water systems could be at some level of risk.The exposure risk is due to elevated lead levels found in the water from household taps that exceeded federal standards. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection.......[Read More] [All News]

New Nutritional Facts Label Rule Featuring Additional Information Finalized

EMSL Analytical offers full nutritional labeling services to assist with the new Nutritional Facts Label Rule.

Cinnaminson, NJ, June 20th, 2016 In May, the final rules were released for the updated Nutritional Facts Label. Starting July 26, 2016, companies will have two years to comply with the changes. An extra year to meet compliance has been given to companies that do less than $10 million in annual food sales. To assist with updating food nutritional labels, EMSL Analytical, Inc. offers full Nutritional Labeling Services using both Laboratory Based Analysis and Database Analysis. The new Nutritional Facts Label design has been created.......[Read More] [All News]

Georgia Parents Concerned after Elevated Levels of Mold Found at Daycare Center

EMSL Analytical offers environmental testing services, test kits and sampling supplies to identify mold issues in all types of buildings.

Atlanta, GA, June 15th, 2016Recently, WGCL-TV broadcasted a report about indoor environmental concerns at a Marietta daycare center. According to their investigative report, the facility has been plagued with issues of mold contamination on desks, walls and other locations. A state agency that oversees daycare centers in Georgia also investigated the situation and reportedly found elevated levels of mold. Children breathe up to four times as much per pound of body weight as do adults. Exposure to elevated levels of mold in the air young.......[Read More] [All News]