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A2LA Accredited Food Testing Lab

Category Press Release
Publish Date 6/12/2017
Author Press Release
Title New Jersey Food Testing Laboratory Adds Six New A2LA Accredited Tests
Introduction EMSL Analytical Inc.'s Cinnaminson location has added new A2LA accredited tests.

Cinnaminson, NJ, June 12, 2017

EMSL Analytical, Inc. is pleased to announce that its corporate headquarters in Cinnaminson, New Jersey has added six new tests to their scope of accreditation for food microbiology laboratory testing services by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) Program. Under this program, the laboratory is in compliance with the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 / AOAC along with additional program requirements in the biological field. These new tests have been added to the laboratory’s current accreditation, which already includes 12 microbial tests on food, food products, feeds, food additives, beverages and environmental samples by the A2LA.

EMSL Cinnaminson can now perform the following tests:

  • E. coli O157:H7 – VIDAS ECPT
  • E. coli O157 – Confirmation
  • Rapid Yeast and Mold – Petrifilm
  • Staphylococcus aureus – Pour Plate
  • Total Coliform / E. coli – Pour Plate
  • Yeast and Mold – Pour Plate (Modified)

These tests have been added to the laboratory’s current list of A2LA accredited food testing services, which includes:

  • Aerobic Plate Count – Petrifilm
  • Aerobic Plate Count – Pour Plate
  • Bacillus cereus – Spread Plate
  • Enterobacteriaceae – Petrifilm
  • Escherichia coli O157:H7 Lateral Flow Device (Reveal)
  • Listeria – VIDAS
  • Listeria – VITEK Confirmation Speciation
  • Salmonella – VIDAS UP
  • Salmonella – VITEK Confirmation
  • Staphylococcus aureus – Petrifilm
  • Total Coliform / E. coli – Petrifilm
  • Yeast & Mold – Pour Plate (Modified)

“EMSL is always working to expand its food testing services,” said Joseph Frasca, Senior Vice President of Marketing at EMSL Analytical, Inc. “We are proud of our staff’s hard work in order to add more laboratory service offerings under the A2LA to our Cinnaminson location. Our corporate laboratory is comprised of highly skilled professionals who have expertise in the analyses of a wide range of food testing along with a variety of other analyses including indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, materials and much more.”

The laboratory is located at 200 Route 130 North in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. To view a complete list of EMSL’s laboratory locations, accreditations and capabilities, please visit For more information about EMLS’s testing services, please call (800) 220-3675 or email

About EMSL Analytical, Inc.

EMSL Analytical, Inc. is one of the leading testing laboratories with 40 locations throughout the United States and Canada. EMSL is a nationally recognized and locally focused provider specializing in fast laboratory results for mold, bacteria, Legionella, USP <797>, pathogens, asbestos, lead, soot, char & ash from fires, VOC’s, odors, radon, formaldehyde, indoor air quality, microbiology, environmental, industrial hygiene, radiological, food, beverage & consumer products and material testing services for the identification of unknown substances. EMSL services both professionals and the general public. EMSL maintains an extensive list of accreditations from leading organizations as well as state and federal regulating bodies including, but not limited to A2LA, AIHA LAP, LLC. (AIHA EMLAP, AIHA IHLAP, AIHA ELLAP), NVLAP, CDC ELITE, CPSC, CA ELAP, NY ELAP, TX DOH, NJDEP and multiple other state accrediting agencies. Please visit our website at for a complete listing of accreditations.  In addition, EMSL carries a wide range of Sampling Equipment and Investigative Products for environmental professionals.