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Consumer Products Testing

Consumer Products Testing, USP, and Toy Testing

EMSL Analytical, Inc. has analyzed a wide range of consumer products such as disinfectants, anti-microbial products, coatings, polymers, paints, automotive fluids, soaps, cosmetics, oils, glass, toys, detergents, sanitizers, cleaners, baby wipes, and raw product materials.
Manufacturing firms regularly send their samples to EMSL for failures analysis, deformulation, formulation, quality control, chemical testing, metals testing, microbiological testing, identification of contaminants, identification of unknowns, packaging evaluations, mechanical testing, physical testing, lead, phthalates, and potential patent infringements.
Laboratory data generated at EMSL will be kept confidential and we offer non-disclosure agreements to our clients.
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Full list of services provided for Consumer Products Testing ( click for details )
Other   Analytical Microscopy
  Antimicrobial Coating Efficacy
  Antimicrobial Effectiveness
  Asbestos and Fiber Identifications
  Bacterial Identifications
  Bisphenol A
  Challenge Testing
  Chemical Analysis
  Coatings and Polymers
  Competitive Product Analysis
  Compliance Testing
  Composition Analysis
  Confirmation Testing
  Contaminant Identification
  Contamination Identification
  Diethylene Glycol
  Elemental Analysis
  Environmental Chamber Studies
  Environmental Chemistry
  Failure Analysis
  Formaldehyde (Offgassing in Products or Materials)
  Formaldehyde (Offgassing in Products or Materials)
  Fungal Identifications
  Impurities Identification
  Ingredients Testing
  Intellectual Property Protection
  Kill Time
  Label Validation
  Laboratory Outsourcing
  Lead (Pb)
  Manufacturing Defects
  Materials Characterization
  Mechanical Testing
  Method Development
  Method Validation
  Microbial Content
  Microbial Isolation
  Microbiological Analysis
  Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) Allergen Testing
  Nutritional Labeling
  Packaging Evaluations
  Paint Identification
  Particle Counting / Size
  Particle Identification
  Pathogen Identification
  Personal Lubricants and Condoms Testing
  Phthalates Testing
  Polymer Testing
  Preservative Efficacy
  Preservative Studies
  Process Support
  Product Offgassing
  Product Quality Control
  Raw Materials Testing
  Research and Development
  Resistance Testing
  RoHS Compliance
  Shelf Life Studies
  Surface Coating (AOAC 974.02)
  Tensile Strength Testing
  Total lead (CPSBM C-02.4)
  Unknowns (Identifications of)
  USP Method <51>: Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing
  USP Method <61>: Microbial Limit Test
  USP Method <71>: Sterility Testing
  USP Method <797>: Pharmecuetical Compounding - Sterile Preparations
  USP Method <85>: Endotoxins
  Validation Studies
  Volatile Organic Compounds - VOC's (Offgassing in Products or Materials)
  Volatile Organic Compounds - VOC's (Offgassing in Products or Materials)
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