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Food and Beverage Testing

Food Chemistry

EMSL Analytical, Inc offers a wide array of Food Chemistry Analysis. Standard turnaround rates and expedited rates are available for many tests. Please contact EMSL for special testing requirements or additional test parameter requests.

Nutritional Analysis & Labeling
• Mandatory NLEA Analysis
• Chain Restaurant Packages
• Compliance Testing of Key Ingredients
• Nutritional Database Approach
• Pet Food Packages

Proximate Testing
• Moisture / Solids / Loss on Drying
• Protein
• Fat
• Ash (Gravimetric – Muffle Furnace)
• Carbohydrates by Difference
• Calories
• Total Dietary Fiber
• Crude Fiber

Minerals Testing
• Nutritional Minerals
• Trace Minerals

Metals Testing
• Lead & Heavy Metals

Vitamins Testing
• Vitamin A (as Retinol)
• Vitamin C (by HPLC)

Traditional Wet Chemistry
• Titratable Acidity
• Salt (Potentiometric Argentometric Titration)
• Rancidity of Fats

Color Analysis
• Hunter L.a.b.
• Lovibond

Organic Acids (HPLC)

Contaminant Identification
• Foreign Materials Identification
• Multi-residue Pesticide Analysis
• Artificial Colors
• Mycotoxins (Aflatoxin, D.O.N., Zearalenone, etc.)
• Allergens (by E.L.I.S.A.)
• Filth

Packaging Analysis
• Oxygen / Vapor Transmission Rate
• Shelf Life Studies

Full list of services provided for Food Chemistry ( click for details )
Artificial Color Additives
Bisphenol A
Chemical Confirmation Testing
Food Authenticity
Pesticides / Herbicides
Pesticides, Carbamates
Pesticides, GCMS Residue confirmation
Pesticides, MRA residue
Pesticides, other pesticides groups
Laboratories providing Food Chemistry ( click for details )