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Membrane Filtration Testing

Membrane Filtration Testing

EMSL Analytical, Inc. offers comprehensive analysis packages and customized support services to clients in the Microfiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Desalinization and Water Treatment communities. Whether you are a membrane or chemical treatment supplier, water treatment consultant or a manufacturer with plant infrastructure oversight, we have a host of services to meet your needs all under one roof. We have the expertise and experience to handle any size or type of project. Examples of our service capabilities range from detailed membrane autopsies, to particle and bulk chemistry analysis and even bacterial identification and enumeration, all to assist you in concisely troubleshooting complex water treatment systems.

Our enhanced materials science and characterization facilities allow us to provide critical information about membrane samples including autopsies utilizing Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) with Energy-dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) analysis with chromatic elemental imaging and Micro Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) as well as manufacturing inspection, mechanical and physical properties measurement for technical support and research/development (R&D) professionals.

We have a series of chemistry analysis tools at our disposal designed to serve a number of industries including whole water chemistry, treatment chemicals, effluent analysis, trace contaminants, additives, raw materials and whole membrane and filtration.

We also have a wide ranging microbiological analysis department capable of bacteriological, fungal, viral and protozoan analysis services – from culture and DNA-polymerase chain reaction (PCR) speciation, through by-product compound analysis and anti-microbial material studies.

Comprehensive Water Treatment Solution Analysis:

Membrane Foultant Testing 

Autopsy SEM SEM/EDS Mapping XRD/Thin Film XRD XRF
Micro-FTIR Micro-Raman GD-OES Epi-fluorescence LM MALDI-TOF

Water Analysis Microbiological 

Water & Sewage 
Total Coliform Gram Stain Legionella Direct Exam
Plate Count
PCR Total Coliform
Bacteria ID &
(Various Methods)
Zooplankton ID &
(Various Methods) 
Algae & Protozoa ID
& Enumeration 
(Various Methods)

Water Analysis Chemistry 

Volatiles, Semi-Volatiles,
Styrene, Phthalates, 
ICP-MS GC-MS UV-Vis Oil & Grease 
(Gamma, Alpha,
Isotope, ICP-MS)
LC-MS Surfactants, Glycols Unknown Material ID PCBs


Turbidity Particle Size
Analysis (Various)

Manufactured Membrane/Filter Analysis 

Oxygen Permeability
TEM Porosity/BET FIB/Tomography Direct Exam
Viscosity  TGA DSC DMA  Smoothness/

At EMSL, we provide comprehensive solutions for our clients. Please contact EMSL's Jeff Jacques at (603) 685-3951 or for more information about our customized and analytical services.

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