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Asbestos and Fiber Identifications

Category Consumer Products Testing
Test Asbestos and Fiber Identifications

Since opening in 1981, EMSL Analytical, Inc. has helped revolutionize Asbestos and Mineral Identification.  Once criticized for offering 6-hour turnaround, EMSL is now respected for their quality analysis as 6-hour turnaround of Asbestos TEM Air samples , which has now become the standard in the asbestos industry.  Our diverse instrumentation allows us to identify all types of minerals including Asbestos, Erionite, Non-Asbestos Respirable Fibers (NARF's), Man-Made Vitreous Fibers (MMVF's), Refractory Ceramic Fibers (RCF's), Taconite, Zinc Whiskers, Oxides and more.