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Lead Sampling Webinar

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Webinar Lead Sampling

While lead dust is the primary source of childhood lead-poisoning, the events in Flint, MI and Newark, NJ has brought lead exposure back to the attention of the public. Sampling for lead dust, paint, or water is a straight forward endeavor, but proper media and collection procedures must be followed. In addition, numerous regulations and discussed to outline what and what does not require state certifications.

Speaker Michael Menz, CIH
Title Environmental Training Manager
Company EMSL Analytical, Inc.
Mike Menz,  CIH, has worked in the environmental and industrial hygiene industry since 1987. During that time, he worked primarily as an inspector and consultant in the asbestos, lead, and indoor air quality disciplines. He has provided services to educational, industrial, commercial, and military clientele. Projects include management of the remediation and demolition of the Philadelphia Naval Hospital, Philadelphia Spectrum Arena, and former asbestos manufacturing facilities.
In April 2012, Mike joined EMSL as the Environmental Training Manager. He obtained a BS Degree from Villanova University in 1987, became a BSCP Certified Environmental Safety and Health Trainer in 2013, and a CIH in 2015. Mike currently presents numerous training courses, oversees EMSL’s safety department and hazardous waste program, and is Radiation Safety Officer.

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